OUT ON JULY 14, 2023

Thai-born drummer and producer, Salin, is releasing her first Funk and Isan soul single entitled “Si Chomphu”.


After traveling to the northeast region of Thailand, Isan, Salin explores the sounds of traditional Thai instruments and aims to pair them with the rhythm and groove of Soul/ Funk and 70’s West African psychedelia.


October 6 1976, Thailand.
Thousands of students have gathered at one of Thailand’s major universities to protest against dictator Thanom Kittikachorn and the oppressive monarchy.
They are fighting for a more liberal government, their right to freedom of speech, and democracy. But as fate would have it, the Thai police breaks into the university and assaulted, robs, and even kills many of the students present on that day.

At least 46 were killed and 3,094 protesters were arrested.
None of the perpetrators were brought to justice to this day.

On that day, however, few of the leading protesters managed to flee to the mountains of the northeastern province of Si Chomphu, where they remained hidden. The name Si Chomphu translates to ‘the color pink’ in Thai and every year, from July to December, the fields of Si Chomphu are bursting with pink flowers, creating a unique and vibrant landscape that can best be described as poetic.

The song “Si Chomphu” draws from the story of the Thai protesters and aims to create a sense of urgency; the urgency for change. At the same time, its energy and syncopated feel can be likened to the idea of battle, a state of heightened alertness and our natural ‘fight or flight’ response in times of danger.

The ‘Khaen’, a traditional northeast Thai and Lao reed instrument made from bamboo, takes center stage in key parts of the track, further accentuating those themes.

Drawing from the genres of Soul/ Funk and Afrobeat, the track “Si Chompu” combines familiar flavors inspired by The Meters, Fela Kuti, and others. This, paired with elements of northeastern Thai music and modern production techniques, aims to be a bold example of cross-culture sonic fusion.

“Si Chomphu” is the color pink. It is the bloodshed of those who fell fighting for freedom. It is the blossoming pink fields in summer; the hope that is born on the other side of hardship.


“Stunning - production wise, Lovely funky groove.”