Rhythm of Love (feat. Clerel) – Single (Digital Download)



I remember silence.
I remember loneliness.
I remember wondering,
should I keep going or should I start over again?Like a ray of sunshine
cutting through the morning rain
you showed me a different avenue
and I’m here for all of itand tonight,
let the dancers dance
stepping into the rhythm of love
rhythm of loveI remember stillness
high up on the mountain top
I remember staring at the edge
staring at the waves below
could’ve been an hour
could’ve been a century
all I know is when I’ve made the jump
I was just in time for youuntil all our skins turn brown
tell me how long has it been now, baby
since we haven’t felt the sun

no more misery, no more pain
now that I can call you mine
I can get through anything
now that you’re here with me


releases September 2, 2022
Composer & Arranger: Lucas & Salin Zafiris
Lyrics: Clerel & Salin
Keys, Bass, Guitar: Lucas Zafiris
Trumpet & Flugelhorn: Christopher Stevens
Saxophone & Flute: Korey Riker
Percussion: Michel Medrano Brindis
Drums: Salin
Mixing & Mastering: Lucas Zafiris